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Reading “Sapiens” ! I finished part 2 and I gotta tell you – I am depressed!
A review of day 1 of the school of Hard Knocks!
Very interesting guy and definitely has some good thoughts!

It’s amazing that after I had stopped my social media accounts (several years ago), I have stopped feeling the need to voice every small opinion!

This is going to be a constantly updated page. When it’s not worth a post… consider it a ‘tweet’ or a ‘post’ or whatever. I’ll just keep adding them here. This part will stay on top though.

I hate weddings. I think weddings are the dumbest thing that humans have ever invented. They are dumber than Donald Trump

Computer latency – What is the cost of latency

1 cpu cycle – 0.4 ns – $1 – a cup of coffee

Layer 1 cache – 0.9 ns – $2 – cheap menu at McDonald

Layer 2 cache – 2.8 ns – $7 –  your average stapler

Layer 3 cache – 28 ns – $70 – Netflix subscription for 6 months

Reference main memory – 100ns – $250 – a cheap smartphone

Reading 1 MB from an SSD – 1 ms – $2 500 000 – a really nice house

Reading 1 MB from an HDD – 10 ms – $25 000 000 – a fortune 500 company s yearly profits

Send packet San Francisco to Hong Kong – 141 ms – $352 500 000 – a bit more than the GDP of Micronesia in 2017

A beautiful description of how a Mathematician feels..

If you want to raise successful kids, put them in a growth mindset, not a fixed mindset. Which means, praise them for their efforts, not their innate genetic intelligence or abilities (Which to be frank, does not really exist… it’s all learned… until you get the fixed mindset..so be careful) .. For more.. inc.com link

“Being dead is like being stupid, it’s only painful for others” – Ricky Gervais

A decently interesting list.. to paraphrase:
1. Condoning a victim mentality
2. Parenting out of guilt
3. Making the kids the center of the universe
4. Allowing fear to dictate their choices
5. Giving kids power over the parent
6. Expecting perfection
7. Letting kids avoid responsibility
8. Shielding the kids from pain
9. Feeling responsible for their kids’ emotion
10. Preventing kids from making mistakes
11. Confusing discipline with punishment
12. Taking shortcuts to avoid discomfort
13. Losing sight of the values they hold dear (they = parents)

We are undergoing ISO 27001 pre-audits… and when I said we use ZAP-Proxy as  a test-suite, he said, “Oh is it open source” …and I said yes… and he said… “We don’t prefer you to use Open source”. 

I have no more respect for him!

One of the smartest, deepest and quirkiest (also very funny) stand ups by one of my new favorite guy – Demetri Martin!