Overkill1 min read

I just realized that wordpress is an overkill for my simplistic need to have a ‘blog’ for my own self. Mostly it’s for me. But even if I want to add the ‘share’ and ‘comment’ facility, wordpress is still overkill.

It’s a grand tool for other purposes. Not for maintaining a simplistic blog.

So, at some point in the near future, I am going to move to something more ‘static’. Let’s see.

I actually realized this when after many months of logging into my admin console, I realized I had to update a whole bunch of stuff.

Yes, now all those fancy plugins are useful, but aren’t really adding any utility to the end user. It’s just ‘fancy’ things for me to enjoy and to show off to mere mortals.

So, I am not going to update, and that is because I am going to migrate.

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