How the Muslims of India got Ayodhya wrong1 min read

According to Islamic theology, there is only 1 actual holy place – Mecca. Everything else is ritual. It is not a part of the actual tenets of Islam. Not even the Al Quds mosque (and I am a Palestinian).

Taking that into consideration, to want to cause bloodshed, suffering, pain, fights, unnecessary grief and chaos just because you want to be stubborn about where your mosque should be goes completely against the actual Islamic principles.

Especially, when historically, it is very clear that the land did belong to Hindus. And that there definitely was a temple in that area. And that then powerful Muslim forces forced their way in, demolishing the temple and constructing a mosque instead of it.

They should have let it go and built their mosque elsewhere. Near by even. At least, allowing themselves to pride themselves in being a peace-loving people.

This would not be about losing power or losing control over land or territory. It would be about being humble enough to admit wrong-doing of their previous generation folk and not making a ‘site’ be holy. It is the act of praying that is holy. Not where!

The only problem… and I will say this with full knowledge that I am going to stir debates and emotions and anger – and I’m more than happy to cause that – the only problem is that most Muslims of India, do not really practice everything that Islam stands for. They practice a ritualized version of it.

SO ya!

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