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I’m just gonna stick with WordPress for now!1 min read

My last post (a trillion or so years ago) said that I have intentions of migrating to a static-site. And of course I never got around to it.

Not because there is anything wrong with static site generators or static sites or my skills to find the ‘right’ tools for the job (well, maybe there is something to do with my skills :P); but because I am lazy! Lazy lazy lazy.

And then it dawned me that my need to ‘move’ was only to do something ‘new’. Not because there was anything wrong with my current website. I only maintain it for my own self and to ‘direct’ some of my clients and friends to it when I want to share something.

I haven’t yet gone ‘viral’ or have 1000’s of readers because of which I need a more ‘responsive’ website. This website will do just fine.

And I am especially pleased with its consistent updates, no-tolerance to bad updates from plugins and general robustness. Kudos to everyone who is ensuring that all that is possible – it is NOT an easy task!

And also, yes, I am going to try Erlang and maybe rust and try out new languages soon, but PHP will still remain a language I trust and love. So fuck all PHP haters.

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Thomas bertram lance – Director of the Office of Management and Budget, US Gov 1977

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