An important research that was conducted on kids (back then, that was a thing!) was when kids were offered 1 marshmallow that they can eat then and there or to be patient for 15 minutes to get double the reward of 2 beautiful, fluffy, delicious, sugary and highly tempting marshmallows. The research then tracked those […]

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Part time at 13

I love my father.

Since I was 4, my father filled my life with gadgets and tech toys. But more importantly He was always, also, on the lookout for people who were already in the line of work that my father would have wanted me to be in. In the tech world.

I stood there, still in my school uniform observing diligently. And as soon as he began to touch-type, my jaws dropped. But that… was just the tip of the iceberg.

I did not say a word. I kept looking at the entire operation. People coming in, with instructions on how to fix a design or how to print a letter head or a business card and Abdulkareem would fire up one of the most iconic software for me back in the day, Aldus PageMaker 5.0

He showed me the design and said, you do it! Oh boy! My first assignment. I placed a textbox in the middle of the screen and typed out the full contents of the design.

These guys would meticulously take butter-printed paper, stick it to a perforated sheath on a wooden frame.. soak it with chemicals to etch the ink on it… dry it out in the sun… bring it back and prep it for screen printing.

I was often tasked to go and collect the papers which will be used to print on. I was given shop numbers, order numbers, paper names, sizes, quantities and I would run to get it for them. I became their office boy.

I was a part time employee at the age of 13. And it was probably one of the best times of my life!

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