About this1 min read

This is my personal dumping ground. I will be dumping my thoughts, rants, ideas etc. 

I do not have any social media presence. I do not intend on having any social media presence. Unless, there happens to be a new platform that is not limiting.

So therefore, to offset my urge and want and need to rant on the web, I needed a dumping ground. This happens to be it.

It’s minimal. It’s just going to have my thoughts. You are more than welcome to copy / refer to any content here. Most of it is going to be useless anyway.

I do not know what I am? Am I a tinkerer, a programmer, a teacher, a hobbyist, a father? I have absolutely no idea. 

So ya… don’t assume anything I say is factually correct.

Version: 3.1
GCS/E/ED/S/TW d-(-)>- s–(–)>–:()> a C++++(++++)$>++++ ULC+++(+++)$>+++ P L+++(+++)$>+++ !E W+++(+++)$>+++ N o K– !w+++++(+++++)>+++++ !O !M V PS+++(+++)>+++ PE Y++(++)>++ PGP+++(+++)>+++ t 5 X R tv b++(++)>++$ DI++(++)>++ D G e h r+++(+++)>+++ z+++++(+++++)>+++++