Technology Consultation1 min read

Hello there! It seems you are interested in what I had to say on my blog, or someone referred you to me.

I provide technology consultation. The truth is, anything I have to say can be found somewhere on the internet.

But if you still feel that I can be of your assistance in any of the following:

  • Software development
    • Web
      • web-apps
      • micro-services
      • e-commerce
    • Mobile
      • Thinking through an app dev process
      • Decisions on hybrid vs native
      • I have NO expertise in game-dev
    • Embedded
  • Start-up ideas
  • Internet of Things
  • Product development
    • Broad ideas only for a sit-down consultation
    • Help setup a team for product development
    • Ideation, technological feasibility
    • Research into patents, potential infringements etc
  • Career development in the technology realm
    • I do not provide networking opportunity, just ideas of what you can do with the interests and your current-skill-set
    • I can provide broad ideas on how to expand your skill-set
    • But then again, you can find 100’s of blogs on that

1 to 2 Hours

1000 AED/250 USD per hour

3 to 5 Hours

700 AED/200 USD per hour

6 to 10 Hours

500 AED/150 USD per hour

10+ Hours

350 AED/100 USD per hour

Online meeting via Zoom, MS-Teams, Skype or Google Meetings
Currently available in the UAE
if you require an in-person meeting

Fees payable prior to start of session.

Meetings will be recorded for audio and (optionally video)